Thursday night football odds,Kenny Vaccaro Jersey, injury report Indianapolis Colts vs.Carson Wentz Jersey. Houston Texans The 2015 NFL season continues Thursday,Doug Martin Jersey, Oct.Ezekiel Elliott Jersey. 8,Mike Evans Jersey, as the Houston Texans host the Indianapolis Colts in an AFC South showdown at NRG Stadium in Houston.Laremy Tunsil Jersey. Andre Johnson doesn't have any bad feelings toward the Houston Texans.Mark Ingram Jersey. However,Carson Wentz Jersey, as he prepares to return to Houston with the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday night,Darrelle Revis Jersey, he wants to make it clear that he didn't want to leave the Texans.Jason Witten Jersey. The steadily low-key lilt of Johnson's voice changed to a decidedly aggravated tone when a reporter referred to his "decision to leave the Texans" before asking about reports that he asked for his release in Houston after 12 seasons. "I was released from the Texans, so get that straight first before you ask me something," Johnson said. Johnson had a stellar career in Houston and is the team's leading receiver with 13,597 yards